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A different kind of company
Over the years, I have talked to many who say they are surprised at Melaleuca’s unprecedented rise in the marketplace. They often ask what the secret is to our success. The answer is simply that we have much better products than the grocery store brands. It has led Melaleuca to become a world leader in quality wellness products. People want to live healthier, longer and more vibrant lives. And they find Melaleuca products are a great asset in achieving those goals.

This comes because our business approach is to emphasize quality over profits. Our founding axiom of “exceptional products at reasonable prices” has served us well in keeping us focused on both quality and value. We have decided that if a product isn’t superior to the competition, we won’t sell it. Before Melaleuca decides to bring a product to market, our business group needs to be convinced that it is either 1) a much better product than the competitors or 2) we can deliver equal or better quality at a much better price. If it doesn’t meet either of those criteria, we won’t sell it.

Additionally, by operating under a different business model than the mass marketers, Melaleuca uses no middlemen or retail outlets or advertising campaigns. We manufacture our products ourselves and ship directly to our customers. The money we don’t waste on those activities allows us to incorporate effective, natural, and safer for the home ingredients into our products and to produce far higher quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Because of these factors, almost all of our 350 products are significantly superior in effectiveness, quality, and safety to any of our competitors in the marketplace. There are hundreds of very good reasons to choose our products over the grocery store brands. Our customers point out that many of the grocery store brands violate their trust by compromising quality ingredients or dilute their products with water or other fillers to reduce their costs. When people are dealing with their health, they don’t want to make compromises. And they know that Melaleuca will never compromise on product effectiveness or safety. Because of the constant pressures of the mass manufacturers to lower price and quality, the demand for Melaleuca’s superior and far more effective products in on the rise.

We promise to keep our commitment to always provide the best so you can have a healthier, longer, and more vibrant life.

Frank VanderSloot, Chief Executive Officer, Melaleuca